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Our community is a fast-growing startup website with an average of 130kg + visitors per month looking for startup stories, news and articles. Surprising, isn’t it? Okay fine !! Reaching an audience of this size and ability is every writer’s dream.

So we’re providing an amazing opportunity for authors or startups to get wide exposure and a platform to share their startup story or content. With a free, you can share your valuable content on our valuable homepage. Of course, quality is our number one priority and we do not compromise.

However, you can grow your business and create do-follow (2) link. The content of minimum 500 words per article.

What do we publish?

Startup Indo focuses on startup stores, lifestyle and business news content. We are looking for authors or authors who can write for us . We can publish original articles to find out how small and medium businesses or startups started their journey, the secret to their success. How businesses use innovative ideas and strategies to mark an effective presence. Globally, digital marketing, human resources, and cutting-edge technological innovation. We want to work with individual authors. If your startup founder or CEO is interested in writing for us. that would be great. Bring them forward and send all the guidelines as mentioned below. submit post according to our this all criteria.

What should you follow when writing for us?

Plagrise free and 100% unique content. People are always looking for new stories and new ideas. It helps to encourage reading and motivation. Therefore, we are always looking for something unique and out of the box. This is what makes us different from others. If you have an idea or story to tell, just bring your type board and write for us.

To get a fresh idea, you better take a look at the contents of our website and analyze what kind of content we are publishing. That way, you’ll have an idea of ​​how we’re moving forward and how you need to approach us with fresh ideas.

Simple and adds to the curiosity

Initially, you might think of starting with a bigger and broader idea, for example, “How to start a startup with less capital”. But in most cases, content works best with simplicity and a narrow view. Because they provide points and valuable content that attracts more audiences. For example “5 things you need to know before investing in a startup” or “8 mistakes to avoid starting a startup, you need to do in-depth research and strategize accordingly Is. Content should encourage people to read more and find more information.

Use examples

Our website most successful startup stories offer valuable information to emerging startups and small businesses. Focus on straightforward, generic and most importantly. Tips, errors can be easily understood with just examples and readers can easily relate to themselves.

Yes, we accept sponsored posts with at least 300 amounts from companies that would like to increase their visibility by sponsoring great content. Please note that this is not the same as your company’s advertising fees, but it does help to build a strong brand name among our readers. For example, if a company wants to embellish its initial journey, how to develop it, what obstacles and challenges it faces during its successful journey.

You can contact us via the form at the end of this page.

Don’t we publish?

If you’re willing to write for us, always remember that guest posting is a way to show your readers your knowledge and expertise in this field. They are not a platform for over-promoting services, offers, or companies. Please note, our readers come for successful stories, hints and tips on starting and running a successful startup.

Pre-published content

We do not publish articles that have already been published on our website. You even made some changes. We only accept the unique and the original.

Copied content

We do not accept copied or plagiarized content on our website. And this is a serious violation of our policy that could permanently deactivate and block your account.

Misleading information

You should not include any fake information or data in your content. You must copy the appropriate citations, credits, and source of information about the article. Always try to use credible information from authoritative sites or sources and give credit accordingly.

Use of photo/images

You also need to add a photo or image to your content before submitting it, we allow it, but must be copyright free.

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